“If only I could see your smile, I could feel that I would be able to see tomorrow”


Please show me your genuine smile,
If only for just a while
From this moment I am right beside you
The tempest that you have been through
Shall no longer cause you any harm
For I would gather you in my arms
To fill up the gaps of your lonely heart
Happiness and you shall never part

Please whisper to me of your darkest dreams
For I shall become your shining gleam
Surrounding you with the light of love
To brighten your nights like the stars above
The path of uncertainty you were always alone
But from today, you will never be on your own
Always, we will be walking side by side
So show me a genuine smile that you’ve always tried to hide.
“If only I could see your smile, I could feel that I would be able to see tomorrow”

-Akiha Keishu

The last sentence is taken from Nakashima Mika “Always”. My inspiration for this poem.
It has been a while since I wrote here.






愛してる この言葉を
いつまでも 君に伝えたい

Akiha Keishu’s fiction will be on….


Akiha Keishu’s steamy fiction will be on blogspot.

That’s because there will be situations and stuff in which may not be appropriate for this blog that seems to be so pure.
And romantic. And corny. So that blogspot is freaking….out of Akiha Keishu’s expertise.

It is just that I wanted to try write another genre that will stimulate readers, not only to let readers feel that “OMG. This girl believes in love,” but I want to show that I can try to write Boys Love, Smutty romance and stuff. In other words, I just want to write something more steamy than a one-sided love story.

God. 3 A.M isn’t helping me write better at all. I am drunk on my own words now.

Once I am done posting stuff, I will paste the links here. ^^

See you…

A New Romance original fiction coming up!





Honestly, I always have problems trying to get my writing started. Now, for a moment, I am going to let myself free, I won’t worry of all the grammar rules and stuff, and write what I really wanted to write. I am not even sure which direction this is going but for once in a blue moon, I’ll write something normal. Like a normal relationship between boys and girls. And some homo-relationship which I totally support. I’ll update real soon.

But since no one actually knows who I really am, I will write smutty and a really erotic romance story. Romance will be like sushi without wasabi if there were no smut.

So until the next post, a steamy romance by Akiha Keishu!






これから、よろしくね。 新しいのストーリを書こう!


I am gone again, and you know, I often stick to my real world.




Eclipse Love


Akiha Keishu is back to write. Well, I might not be able to update alot,
But then, just hope this blog will still be noticed.


Under the sky, we both watched
My fingers locked onto yours,
Tight, as if i never wanted to let go…
This moment, so special yet time runs fast…
Sooner or later, there would be no you beside me

The Moon, the Sun, The Earth all in one line,
How often could one experience that sight?
How often would I stay close to you this way…
This moment, so precious, yet once its ends,
The shadow that I have been chasing would disappear…

How long does it takes for me to be in your arms
To hear the beat of your heart against my ears
To taste that sweetness from your lips…
That moment, how important, yet how seldom…
The red thread of destiny does not lead me to you….

Eclipse Love, My love is like an eclipse
You are the sun, for I could see you each day
For I am the moon that I often hide away…
This Earth, the love we share…….
The tender touch from your fingers…..shall always lingers in my memories

Eclipse Love….how unfortunate…
Before this ends, I would take…
The longest kiss to touch your deepest soul….
Eclipse Love, I shall wait….
Even a short moment of happiness  with you,
As long as I live…..I shall wait for the eclipse…
The minute to be with you again….


You know the lunar eclipse is something that does not occur that often
So this is the love that long awaits,
For a short moment the eclipse is gone, just like the short meeting of two lovers who hardly meets…